SCALEBOX is an innovative software company specialized in cutting edge technologies and custom solutions mainly developed in a SaaS (Software as a Service) architecture.
Main technologies include, but are not limited to: Python, linux servers, non relational databases, cloud architectures, REST interfaces, websites (mobile and not), custom clients (cross platform), data integration platforms, mobile web apps, android.

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SCALEBOX consults Comune di Scandiano (Project Scandiano Sbilanciati)
SCALEBOX consults Solutions for various web and desktop projects
SCALEBOX consults System Logistics, Modula division
SCALEBOX consults, SEO/SEM/systems
... and many more!

Featured Project

SCALEBOX realized Playground Around the Corner website and mobile App
Playground Around the Corner

SCALEBOX realized the website and mobile app providing users a way to check and submit playgrounds for kids in a world map. Users are able to retrieve near playgrounds from their smartphone/tablet and informations like age, services, reviews, votes.

The mobile app was featured on Italian newspapers and had TV coverage.

Available for Android and iOS. Check out the app or Contact Us