We work in

  • Python programming language
  • Javascript
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JQuery, Mootools, YUI and other Javascript frameworks
  • SaaS architectures
  • RESTful webservices design and implementation
  • Mobile applications web-based (multi platform) or native (Android/IOS)
  • High Scalability application environments
  • High Availability and fault tolerant infrastructures
  • Linux/MacOSX/Windows servers
  • Relational and non relational (noSQL) databases
  • PHP programming language


We strongly believe in as a Service design. Each complex problem can be splitted in subservices which then co-operates to the solution. This approach alows to easily and quickly scale with the increase of the load on the application.

  • OOP when it's needed
  • Agile methodologies
  • Testing environments available since early development stages
  • Dynamic project management
  • No long-term contracts but smaller feature oriented ones when suitable

No long-term bounds

We don't believe in inplicit long-term bounds with our clients. Our mission is to deliver a good solution/product which works and that clients can mantain if they have the infrastructure.
We do our best to create quality solutions from start and then get new work based on the quality of the previous.

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